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Denture Options in East Setauket, NY 11733

Complete Dentures East Setauket, NY – (855) 916-4215

This is a way to replace all the teeth in a jaw if lost due to gum disease, decay or trauma.
Complete dentures are supported by a patient’s jaw bone and tissue and are removed daily for cleaning

Partial Dentures East Setauket, NY 11733 – (855) 916-4215

These can be used to replace teeth when a person is missing one or more teeth per jaw.
Partial dentures are supported by existing adjacent teeth, one’s jaw bone and tissue. Implants can be placed in conjunction to aid in better stability.
Like complete dentures, partial dentures are removed at night.

Implant Supported Dentures NY 11733 – (855) 916-4215

This is a way to replace missing teeth using four implants and a non-removable denture. This concept gives a patient the semblance of having their own teeth back.

Over denture Uses 2-6 implants to help retain and support a complete denture. Unlike a standard complete denture which only uses the shape of one’s jaw for support, an over denture utilizes implants and a set of “snaps” to hold the denture in place. The snaps give the patient a better sense of having natural teeth but also improves their chewing abilities. 

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